Provide Home Health

Advanced Homecare. Made Personal.

Doctor Approved Across Ontario

Services Our Caregivers Provide

Specialized Support

Helping patients with an acquired brain or spinal cord injury.

Rehabilitative Therapy

Specialists assist patients with range of motion exercises and rehabilitative therapy.

Medication Dispensing

Caregivers dispense medical prescriptions in an accurate and timely manner.

Overnight Care

Caregivers are available around the clock to ensure patients sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Wound Dressing & Care

Professionals are trained to tend to wounds and ensure each patient is mending properly.

Respite Care

Provide relief periods for the family members, guardians or other people acting as caregivers.

Mobility Assistance

Help patients navigate safely in their home, including, getting in and out of chairs, beds, vehicles, & up and down stairs.

Light House Keeping

Includes cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, as well as other light housekeeping duties.

General Errands

Light shopping & errands to lessen the burden placed on a patient, so they can focus on healing and recovery.

Escort To & From Appointments

Accompany patients to appointments, doctor visits, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, etc.

Dressing & Personal Hygiene

Help with personal hygiene care such as grooming, washing and bathing, and in a compassionate and skilled way.

Meal Preparation

Plan and prepare meals that follow a prescribed diet, ones that use favourite recipes, or even ethnically sensitive menus.

About Us

After 15 years of working with patients in their respective practices, Dr. Josh Brandes and Dr. Dan Goldstein became keenly aware of the need for quality home health care. Individuals who receive support at home make quicker recoveries and experience improved quality of life. Provide Home Healthcare was born out of this need and is a company built on the philosophy that all patients should have access to compassionate, trustworthy, and professional attendant care.

Our Healthcare Team

Provide Home Healthcare takes pride in recruiting top quality personal support workers, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, and physiotherapists. We conduct thorough interviews, background and reference checks, and confirm that certifications are up to date to give our clients confidence and peace of mind.

Careful consideration is given to matching clients with caregivers. Factors assessed include, but are not limited to, language, personality traits, and the unique needs of each client. This process results in being able to deliver the most supportive and customized care.

Our management and administrative staff work closely with our clients’ existing healthcare team (doctors, occupational therapists, case managers), lawyers, insurance adjusters, and with their families to ensure continuity of care.

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